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The purpose of stripe and belt testing is to make sure each student is progressing on schedule. Stripe testing is done throughout the testing cycle as the material is introduced to the students. Graduations are held approximately every 9 weeks for ALL students.

At the beginning of the testing cycle, students will be awarded red, white and blue stripes for  the completion of the material necessary for testing. Once the student has achieved all three stripes, they will be eligible to participate in the next graduation.

Graduation fees of $50 (for the first two (2) qualified students and $10 for each additional qualified student in one family) are due for each belt testing up to Black Belt Recommeded.  Black Belt Testing and rotation testing fees will vary, please see the Instructor for more information. 

If for any reason a student misses a graduation, please see the instructor to arrange a make-up time so as not to delay the student’s progress.

Belt Rankings - Children and Adults

Our  martial arts program emphasizes life skills and practical self defense training.  The Belt colors which all the students will go through are White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Black.

At Integrity Martial Arts, our children will develop:

  • Confidence

  • Respect

  • Focus

  • Self Discipline

  • A positive Black Belt Attitude

  • and more


Our goal is to help develop well rounded individuals and martial artists. Through our classes, students will develop various skills and character building that will carry over into their lives and help them to not only be successful at the dojang but also at home, school and everywhere else.


Classes are structured and help kids learn how to set and achieve goals as well as improve their health and fitness. Students will be physically challenged and will improve their physical fitness abilities so they are able to perform better at sports and other athletic activities. Classes are inviting, fun and educational at the Tanny Academy of Martial Arts and our instructors are professionally trained to work with kids in helping them develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

Classes are 30- 45 minutes long and allow students time to work on their TaeKwon-Do curriculum to help them progress to their next belt rank while also allowing them to improve their physical fitness, flexibility and more with the various warm-ups, mid class and end of class games and drills.  

Our Martial Arts Program curriculum includes training in the following areas:

  • Patterns (we practice the 24 Chang Hon Patterns)
  • Techniques and Fundamental Movements
  • Self Defense
  • Step Sparring
  • Free Sparring
  • Board Breaking
  • Conditioning
  • Character Development
  • Bully Awareness
  • Stranger Awareness

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